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     Book Service of MARYHILL School of Theology
  Pope Benedict XVI (A Personal Portrait)        P250.00  
  Sacred Rhythms          200.00  
  Romano of the Philippines            55.00  
  Going Forth: Missionary Consciousnes in Third World Catholic Churches            30.00  
  Paul His Letters, Message and Heritage          225.00  
  Lent: The Daily Readings          150.00  
  The Eucharistic Prayers            20.00  
  Gay and Gaia; Ethics, Ecology, and the Erotic          902.00  
  CICM Dictionary (SB)          700.00  
  CICM Dictionary (HB)          950.00  
  Guidelines of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement in the Archdiocese of Manila            12.00  
  To Pill ot Not to Pill Is That A Question?            10.00  
  Critical Thinking Series (Pumplets by Order only)      
  Under the Crescent Moon (Revelion in Mindanao)          300.00  
  Psychological Incapacity: A Gift of Heaven?          495.00  
  Looking for Jesus          235.00  
  The Battle for Normality          120.00  
  Awit ng Papuri (BOOKS)          400.00  
  Awit ng Papuri (TAPES)          400.00  
  Ang Bagong Misal sa Karaniwang Panahon          550.00  
  Biblia ng Sambayanang Pilipino          440.00  
  Katesismo para Kadagiti Pilipino a Katoliko          175.00  
  Christian Moral Principles Vol. 1      1,290.00  
  New Linguistic and Exegetical key to the Greek NT.      3,780.00  
  Pastoral Theology from a Global Perspective          490.00  
  Peace Violence and the New Testament          561.00  
  A Pattern of Doctrines 1 Vol. 3          900.00  
  Missiological Education for the 21st Century          436.00  
  Jesus and the Heritage of Israel      3,780.00  
  One Right Reading          478.00  
  Inside Culture Re-imagining the Method of Cultural Studies      2,418.00  
  Teresa of Avila and the Politics of Sanctity      1,190.00  
  Passion for the Earth          512.00  
  Saints & Schemers          750.00  
  How the Democracy was Lost          165.00  
  Celebacy and African Culture          367.00  
  Athanasius          541.00  
  A Vision Betrayed The Jesuits in Japan and China, 1542-1742      1,050.00  
  The Twisted Road to Freedom          150.00  
  "Say to this Mountain" Mark's Story of Discipleship          410.00  
  Clash of Spirits          305.00  
  Christ in Christian Tradition Vol. 2      1,305.00  
  The Jesus Movement A social History of its First Century      3,605.00  
  Handbook for Liturgical Studies Inroduction to the Liturgy      1,416.00  
  Filipinos and their Revolution event, discourse, and historiography          345.00  
  Feminism & Religion          891.00  
  Displaying Filipinos photography and colonialism in Early 20th Century          190.00  
  Reproducing Persons issues in feminist bioethics      1,811.00  
  Bodies and Soul, or Spirited Bodies          800.00  
  Concise History of the Catholic Church          230.00  
  Mga Kataga sa Theolohiyang Doctrinal            60.00  
  Church History Under the Scrutiny of the Bible            60.00  
  A Key to the Pastoral Letter            45.00  
  Living for the Kingdom of God (Rethinking Religious life in the twenty first century)          155.00  
  Fundamentalism and Pluralism in the Church          280.00  
  A Key to the Pastoral Letter to the Hebrews            35.00  
  Homelessness and Emptiness the Buddhas Path to Freedom          250.00  
  In Search of a Human Jesus and a Human Church          150.00  
  Doing Ecclesiology          120.00  
  Doing Theology          140.00  
  Doing Christology          150.00  
  Workbook # 1            70.00  
  Workbook # 2            70.00  
  Workbook # 3            70.00  
  Workbook # 4            70.00  
  Peace at the Last          225.00  
  Season of Grace             75.00  
  Missionary Disposition            80.00  
  Joyful Giver          100.00  
  Carrying on the Mission          200.00  
  Ilocano - English Dictionary (HD)          900.00  
  Ilocano - English Dictionary (SD)          700.00  
  From Spring to Life -A          140.00  
  From Spring to Life -B          140.00  
  From Spring to Life -C          140.00  
  Fourteen INTERVIEWS with ST. PAUL          135.00  
  A Stroll in the Garden of the Bible          200.00  
  Kasabay ko Ikaw at Ikaw           160.00  
  Our Log in my Eye           140.00  
  Our Cultural Shadows           140.00  
  The Good News Church          150.00  
  The Eucharist and Mary          150.00  
  Gods Heart and Ours          100.00  
  Loving our Way of Living          200.00  
  Jesus Goes Public          250.00  
  Christ's Priests for Gods Priestly People          150.00  
  Mary and the Reign of God          250.00  
  Mary and the Christian Tradition          175.00  
  God's Beloved          170.00  
  Ten Suggestions for Becoming a Better Preacher            50.00  
  The Only Necessary Thing          150.00  
  CCB-sm.,ha., in. (48th ed.) Elongated          355.00  
  CCB-sm.,so., in. (48th ed.) Elongated          345.00  
  New Jerome Biblical Commentary (Blue)      1,499.00  
  Who is Jesus          299.00  
  Theology for Ministry          195.00  
  Just One Year          265.00  
  Wild Man's Journey          100.00  
  Our Blessed Mother : Mary in Catholic Tradition            75.00  
  More than Silver or Gold          150.00  
  Ministry of Servers            90.00  
  The God Who Beckons: Call and Covenant in the Old Testament          195.00  
  Breathing Deeply of God's New Life            75.00  
  Liturgy Alive (Cycle A)          350.00  
  Liturgy Alive; Models of Celebration of Sundays      1,125.00  
  Liturgy Alive Weekdays          975.00  
  Liturgy Alive Weekdays (SB)          500.00  
  Theology for Teachers          299.00  
  Return to the Happiness of Silence          195.00  
  Spiritual Intelligence          195.00  
  Theology for Ministry          195.00  
  Theology for Teachers          299.00  
  Twenty Tough Questions Teenagers Ask          120.00  
  Virtues For Ordinary Christians          169.00  
  Vitamins of the Heart Vol 1          150.00  
  Vitamins of the Heart Vol 2          140.00  
  Who is Jesus          299.00  
  Wild Man's Journey          100.00  
  Whole and Divided Self          125.00  
  Breathing Deeply of God's New Life            75.00  
  Ten Suggestions for Becoming a Better Preacher            50.00  
  Built on Rock          285.00  
  The Code of Canon Law          300.00  
  Embracing Change          170.00  
  Intimacy with God          165.00  
  Acts and Decrees of the Second Plenary Council of the Phil.          250.00  
  Jesus a Gospel          275.00  
  Out of The Ordinary          350.00  
  Called to Question          250.00  
  A Child is Born          235.00  
  The Day Shall Dawn          200.00  
  Inviting God In          150.00  
  The Dance of Life          200.00  
  Becoming Fully Woman The Greatest Glory….          175.00  
  My Joy in You          250.00  
  O Jerusalem          200.00  
  Live Laugh and Be Blessed          150.00  
  Regaining Joy            95.00  
  This is my Body          215.00  
  10 Things Pope Benedict Wants You to Know            50.00  
  CHD Church & the Internet            35.00  
  CHD Sacrament of Marriage            30.00  
  CHD Dominus Iesus            38.00  
  Vatican Council II Vol. 2          400.00  
  CHD Veritatis Splendor  (MST)            50.00  
  CHD Pastores Dabo Vobis          180.00  
  CHD Deus Caritas Est            50.00  
  CHD Familiaris Consortio            80.00  
  CHD Rosarium Virgins Mariae            32.00  
  CHD Humanae Vitae            35.00  
  CHD Dives in Misericordia            65.00  
  CHD Dei Verbum            38.00  
  CHD Evangelii Nuntiandi            65.00  
  CHD Spe Salvi            50.00  
  CHD Caritas in Veritate          115.00  
  CHD Sacramentum Caritatis          115.00  
  CHD Erga Migrantes Caritas          100.00  
  CHD Priest, Pastoral & Leader of the Parish..            40.00  
  CHD Lumen Gentium            40.00  
  Ama  Namin (DVD)          450.00  
  Maria Inang Mahal (DVD)          450.00  
  Sumasampalataya Ako (DVD)          450.00  
  Ang Pagdiriwang ng Eukaristiya (DVD)          650.00  
  Si Jesu-Kristo, Ang Eukaristiya at si Maria (DVD)          450.00  
  Jesus, Lord of the Table          250.00  
  Catechism of the Catholic Church          250.00  
  Catechism for Filipino Catholics           280.00  
  Katesismo para sa mg Pilipinong Katoliko          250.00  
  LMPP Pambata          200.00  
  Labinlimang Minuto Pakikipag-usap sa Panginoon          175.00  
  LMPP Pangkabataan          175.00  
  The Battle for Normality          120.00  
  Calling on the Crossroads          300.00  
  Jesus Today          220.00  
  Preaching to the Hungers of the Heart          180.00  
  Bukas Palad: "Hindi Kita Malilimutan (CD)          350.00  
  Hangad the Easter Journey (CD)          300.00  
  Himaya Kanimo (CD)          300.00  
  Something More (CD)          300.00  
  With Eyes Fixed on Jesus Cycle A          180.00  
  With Eyes Fixed on Jesus Cycle C          180.00  
  Best of Bukas Palad 1 (CD)          300.00  
  Best of Bukas Palad 2 (CD)          300.00  
  Best of Himig Heswita (CD)          300.00  
  Bukas Palad "God of Silence" (CD)          300.00  
  Hangad (CD)          300.00  
  Hangad Acapella (CD)          300.00  
  Lauds 1 (CD)          300.00  
  Lauds 2 (CD)          300.00  
  Lauds 6 (CD)          300.00  
  Lauds 7 (CD)          300.00  
  Himig Heswita "O Bayan ng Diyos" (CD)          300.00  
  Prayers from the Upper Room (CD)          300.00  
  Bukas Palad "Tinapay ng Buhay" (CD)          300.00  
  Vespers 1 (CD)          300.00  
  Vespers 3 (CD)          300.00  
  Vespers 5 (CD)          300.00  
  Himig Heswita "Your Dwelling Place" (CD)          300.00  
  Prayers for Communion (CD)          130.00  
  Prayers for Longing (CD)          130.00  
  Prayers for Mary (CD)          130.00  
  Prayers for God's Compassion (CD)          130.00  
  Prayers for Healing/Comfort (CD)          130.00  
  Prayers for Thanksgiving (CD)          130.00  
  Sing of Him (CD)          300.00  
  Lauds II (CD)          300.00  
  Musica Chiesa (CD)          130.00  
  You are Mine (CD)          175.00  
  Himig Heswita "Stand by me Still" (CD)          300.00  
  The Making of Local Church          235.00  
  Heroic Living          310.00  
  Fourteen INTERVIEWS with ST. PAUL          135.00  
  A Stroll in the Garden of the Bible          200.00  
  God's Global Household          300.00  
  From Spring to Life -A          140.00  
  From Spring to Life -B          140.00  
  From Spring to Life -C          140.00