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CICM Maryhill School of Theology (MST) seeks to respond to the signs of the times. It offers students an opportunity for intellectual and spiritual renewal in the contemporary world. The means to this goal is the MST curriculum as applied in the Adult Theological Education Program (ATEP) and Graduate programs through which students can develop their areas of competence in order to contribute to advancing well-being and renewal in the church and the world.
Registration Period - ends on August 20, 2016
Start of Classes: August 8, 2016
Schedule of Fees
Tuition Fee /unit P 385.00 Student Activity Fee P 220.00
Library Fee /unit 143.00 Audiovisual Fee 341.00
Library Fee / (9 units & above) 1,287.00 Dropping/Load Revision (per course) 165.00
Registration Fee 105.00 Aircon Fee (per course) 165.00
Late Registration Fee 275.00 Hand-outs (per course) 165.00
Miscellaneous Fee 205.00 Workshop Fee (only for Pastoral Counseling) 550.00
Enrollment Procedures
1. An applicant for admission must undergo a personal interview with the Academic Dean. The requirements to be submitted in order to be allowed admission are the following:
For Degree Students:

a. A duly accomplished application form to signify an intent to formally enroll in the school;

b. Three  (3) copies of 1X1 ID pictures;

c. Certificate of Honorable Dismissal;

b. Original copy nof Transcript of Records (college or equivalent);

c. Certificate of Transfer Credential (from college or school last attended marked Copy for CICM Maryhill School of Theology)

d. Proof/Certificate of 12 units in Philosophy and 12 units in Theology;

e. Copy of Passport/ACR/missionary or student visa (for foreigners); and

For Audit Students

a. A duly accomplished application form to signify an intent to formally enroll in the school;

b. Three (3) copies of 1X1 ID pictures;

c. Photocopy of college transcript of records (TOR); and

d. Registration form approved by the Dean.

NB: Foreigners must submit a copy of their ACR visa papers and authenticated transcript of record with English translation.
2. Submit completed forms to the Cashier for assessment and settlement of accounts. At least fifty percent (50%) of the total school fees must be paid upon enrollment and the balance must be settled before midterm exams. Classcard(s) will be issued after payment of fees. No student will be admitted in class without a duly signed class card.
  • The Adult Theological Education Program (ATEP) is designed for the on-going formation of priests, religious and lay leaders, for the faculty development of Catholic schools, and for personal updating. After finishing the 13-16 courses, they may obtain a certificate of completion. An interview with the Academic Dean is necessary before enrollment for proper guidance .
  • MA IN THEOLOGY, MAJOR IN RELIGIOUS STUDIES is an academic degree requiring a minimum of 13 courses of 3 units each which can be finished in 2 years. The comprehensive exams can be taken in the second semester of the second year, while the thesis proposal in preparation for thesis writing can be done in the first semester.
  • MA IN THEOLOGY, MAJOR IN PASTORAL MINISTRY (Thesis Track) is an academic/thesis degree requiring a minimum of 16 major courses of 3 units each. Students can finish the courses in 2 years. The comprehensive exams can be taken in the second semester of the second year, while the project paper (equivalent of thesis) can be done afterwards.
  • During the semesters, classes for lay and religious professionals are held on weekdays, 6:00-9:00 in the evening; and on Saturdays, 8:00-11:00 in the morning and 1:00-4:00 in the afternoon.  

    A minimum class size of 12 students is required in order for a course not to be cancelled.  Any payment made for a cancelled course will be refunded.  Each course is equivalent to three (3) units.
MONDAY 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Th007 Old Testament I: Introduction
Fr. Rudolf Horst, SVD
TUESDAY 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Th304 Justice and Liberation
Fr. Ian Espartero, OAR
WEDNESDAY 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Th005 Fundamental Theology
Fr. Richard Diaz, CICM
THURSDAY 6:00Pm - 9:00Pm
Th007 Liturgical Theology
Fr. Tomas Maddela
SATURDAY 8:00am -11:00am
Th201 Christology
.Sr. Kathleen Coyle, SSC
SATURDAY 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Th001 Research Methodology

Mr. Ferdinand Dagmang, PhD