Course Offerings






1. As soon as the schedule of courses for the next term is released, students may register for enrollment. Regular enrollment for the first semester and the crash courses starts two to three months before classes begin; for the second semester, one month before classes begin.
2. This period is ended one week before classes begin to enable the school to make final adjustments in the schedules and status of courses and assignments of professors.
3. Students who register after this period have to pay a late registration fee. Enrollment ends two weeks after the start of classes.

1. Students enroll the courses they will have to take after approval of the Academic Dean.

2. Students write down the courses assigned to their year level as per the official schedule of courses posted in four copies of enrollment forms.

3. The duly filled up copies of enrollment forms is submitted to the registrar's office for validation.

5. A student with any unsettled obligation must obtain clearance
from the Treasurer and other offices of the school before being
allowed to register.

Assessment of Fees
1. Fees will be assessed based on the official Schedule of Fees posted at the window of the Accounting Office.
2. Students have the option of paying at least 50 percent of the total fees due, with balance to be paid before the mid-term exam.
3. A copy of the assessed enrollment form is given to the student after payment of fees.
Issuance of Class Cards
1. Students can claim their classcards at the Receptionist Desk.
2. A fee is charged for replacement of lost classcards.
3. Students register their names with their professors by submitting their classcards at the first day of their classes.