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Founding Fathers of Maryhill
Fr. Paul Van Parijs, cicm

When Maryhill School of Theology started in 1972, the founding fathers were often challenged by well-meaning friends. It was feared that our CICM Philippine Province would not be able to sustain such a daring venture, a quality theological school fully in touch with Post-Vatican II developments. Instead of collapsing, MST has continued to grow - a quality theological school, with a missionary spirit making a difference for the Church and the People of God in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.
Fr. Anscar Chupungco, osb

In 1972, Maryhill School of Theology was a tiny academic institution with some fifteen students and eighteen resident professors. Today, it is one of the largest schools of theology in the country. But size is not the only gauge of success. Maryhill has contributed to the universal Church by forming missionaries who now work in several parts of the world. It has also contributed to the Philippine Church by its many efforts to inculturate Christian worship. Maryhill can look forward to more years with confidence as it continues to serve God and the Church.
Fr. Eugene Flameygh, cicm

When I look back on all my years in the Philippines, I feel like singing the first verse of Psalm 130: "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me." And the happiest memory I have is my participation in the metamorphoses of Maryhill. I think fondly of generations of seminarians and of our eager participants in summer and evening classes. They have enabled me to become the only thing I really wanted to be... a teacher.

(Fr. Eugene Flameygh passed on August 2007)
Fr. Herman Hendrickx, cicm

May we renew our common commitment to a Maryhill-style of theological formation and witness the handing over of our heritage to a new generation of local theologians who will - hopefully - carry on and go beyond what was achieved in 1972. The challenge of the future belongs to them. Much inspiration, creativity, credibility and courage to the present and future Maryhill community!

(One of the most eminent Biblical scholars in the Philippines,Fr. Herman Hendrickx passed on May 2002)
Fr. Paul Staes, cicm

Who would have thought in late 1972 that what actually started as an accident would develop and grow into a solid institute within CICM for the benefit of the clergy and the laity in the Philippines and beyond? Thanks be to God. I'm grateful for having been a part of Maryhill, even if it were for a short while at the very start. I'm glad we, the founding fathers, have moved on and passed the torch to a new generation.
Fr. Lode Wostyn, cicm

One of my companions in my pilgrimage with Maryhill has a name: critical thinking. He was a close friend of Jesus of Nazareth, been less welcome among some of his disciples. He is indeed a very unpredictable companion who could bring you to the palace of Lady Wisdom or make your life miserable. I keep recommending this companion to my fellow travelers. He is a tricky one, but he makes the pilgrimage of faith colorful and full of surprises.