M.A. in Theology, major in Pastoral Ministry is a professional, non-thesis degree requiring a minimum of 13 courses of 3 units each plus at least 9 units of pastoral ministry courses.  The course work can be finished in 2 and a half years. The comprehensive exams can be taken in the first or second semester of the third year, while the project paper is done after.  
Admission Requirements
In addition to the general requirements, students must meet the following specific requirements:

1.1.  A Bachelor’s Degree is required with at least 12 units of philosophy and 12 units of theology or their equivalents. Students lacking philosophy units may take the courses outside MST. Those lacking theology units take equivalent courses at MST for undergraduate credit with the Academic Dean’s approval.

1.2. A Certificate of Transfer Credential from the latest school attended in lieu of the Official Transcript of Records (TOR) which must bear the marking “copy for CICM Maryhill School of Theology.”

Course Requirements
The program requires a minimum of 54 units taken in the ATEP:
    • Basic Courses                                           6 units
    • Core Courses                                          15 units
    • Major Courses                                        18 units
    • Elective Courses (PM)                             9 units
    • Thesis Writing                                          6 units
    • Comprehensive Examinations                Required

                     Total                                                         54 units