This degree program is a professional non-thesis degree that mainly stresses the various professional skills needed in ministry.  
Admission Requirements
1.1.  Only full-time students (seminarians) who are enrolled for the entire GTP are qualified for this program.

1.2. Applicants to this non-thesis degree program must satisfy as prerequisites 18 units of philosophy courses and 18 units of theology courses in college or equivalents of these.

1.3.  In addition to the general requirements under the GTP, candidates must meet specific requirements.

Course Requirements
CHED Memorandum Order No. 12 Series of 2007 on the Policies and Standards for Graduate Catholic Theological and Religious Education – Master’s Program adopted and promulgated policies and standards for the establishment and operation of graduate theological and religious programs in Catholic higher education institutions (HEIs) and seminaries. Under this CMO, the non-thesis track shall require a minimum of fifty-four (54) units, as follows:

○ Core Courses                                             18 units
○ Major Courses                                            24 units
○ Electives                                                      6 units
○ Practicum                                                     6 units
○ Comprehensive Written/Oral Exams        Required

    Total                                                          54  units