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Started in 1996, Maryhill School of Theology Review is an academic and pastoral journal featuring scholarly articles on topics in theology, scriptures, philosophy, history, ministry, mission, religion and culture. Contributors come from the ranks of the religious and the lay, the academe and the field, as well as the best of these worlds.
Introductory Issue 1996
Percy Bacani, CICM

Introduction to this Issue
John Brannigan, SSC

Education for Ministry and the Study of Scripture
Maria Anicia Co, RVM

The Testing/Tempting of the Son of Adam/Son of God
Herman Hendrickx, CICM

The New Age Movement: Historical Roots
Lode Wostyn, CICM

The Deferred Sanctification of Lorenzo Ruiz
Reginald D. Cruz

Hiya: Daan at Kakayahan sa Pakikipagkapwa
Ferdinand D. Dagmang, Ph.D.

Challenge for Religious Today
Amelia Vasquez, RSCJ

Volume 1, no. 1
First Semester, 1997
Introduction to this Issue
John Brannigan, SSC

On Women and Men Partnership in Mission
Percy Bacani, CICM

Inculturation: An Interpretation Model for Feminist Revisions of Liturgical Praxis?
Agnes M. Brazal

The Meaning of MISSION According to David Bosch: A Catholic Perspective
John Brannigan, SSC

The New Age Movement: A Description
Lode Wostyn, CICM

From Being an Intercultural Person to Being an Interreligious Person – Confessions of a Participant in Interreligious Dialogue
Jan Swyngedouw, CICM

Ed Gerlock

Understanding the Process of Capitalist Globalization through Historical Memory
John Joseph Puthenkalam, SJ

Volume 1, No. 2
Second Semester, 1997
Silver Jubilee Issue

John Brannigan, SSC

Percy Bacani, CICM

Maryhill School of Theology: The Beginnings, 1972 – 1987
Paul Van Parijs, CICM

Liturgical Inculturation: Definition, Theology, And Norms
Anscar J. Chunpungco, OSB

Paradigm Change in Theology
Lode Wostyn, CICM

History Rediscovered
Eugene Flameygh, CICM

Learning and Teaching Scriptures at MST
Isang Paglingon sa Pinanggalingan para sa Kinabukasan
Ver Miranda, CICM

Dealing with Cultural Shadows: Reflections on the Signs of the Times
Jan Swyngedouw, CICM

Volume 2, No. 1
First Semester, 1998
John Brannigan, SSC

Ate: Honoring Mary as Our Eldest Sister
Jose de Mesa

Toward an Eco-Social Democracy
Dennis T. Gonzalez

Theology of Religions and the Bible
Jan Van Bragt, CICM

The Raising of a Widow and Her Son (Lk 7:11-17)
Herman Hendrickx, CICM

Christ Appeared to Peter (Christos ôphthê Kêpha): An Exegetical Study of 1 Cor 15:5 in Its Relationship to the Gospel Tradition of Jesus and Peter
Markus Locker

A Church Antagonized: The Response of the Roman Catholic Church to Populist Forms of Struggle during the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39
Reginald D. Cruz

Judette A. Gallares, RC
Pablo S. David
Volume 2, No. 2 (1999)
Feminist Ideology Criticisms, the Bible, and the Community
Agnes Brazal

Sing, O Barren One: A Study of Hannah and Her Song
Helen R. Graham, MM

The Catechism for Filipino Catholics: Some Considerations
Lode Wostyn, CICM

The Inteligencia Sentiente as Expounded by Xavier Zubiri
Manuel R. Pajarillo, FSC

Dennis T. Gonzalez
Reginald D. Cruz
Josephine P. Mata, FAS
Nicola Pizzamiglio, SX
Colm McKeating, SSC

Volume 3, No. 1 (1999)
Base Communities in the Philippine Church:
The Pre-Martial Law Period
Emmanuel S. de Guzman

To Preserve the Faith:
The Arrival of the Third Wave of Catholic Missionaries within the Church-State Relations of the Philippine Insular Government (1900-1915)
Reginald D. Cruz

In Vitro Fertilization for Fertility Enhancement
Daniel Kroger, OFM

Modernity and Post-Traditional Society: Some Insights from Anthony Giddens
Dennis T. Gonzalez

Some Reservations about Hans Küng’s World Ethic
Georges De Schrijver, SJ

The God of the Lowly, Helper of the Oppressed:
A Study of the Image of God in the Book of Judith
Helen R. Graham, MM

Ang Hermeneutika ng Kultura ng Sambayanang Ugnayan sa Landayan,
San Pedro, Laguna, mula sa Mito ng Santo Sepulcro
Susana R. Reyes
Volume 3, No. 2 (2000)
A Woman Liberated from Her Illness (Luke 13:10-17)
Herman Hendrickx, CICM

The Prophets: Persons We Love and Hate
Walter Vogels, MAfr

Base Communities in the Philippine Church (II):
Yeast in the Dough or Mold on the Bread?
Emmanuel S. de Guzman

Moral Responsibility in Asia: A Proposed Approach
Carlos G. Ronquillo, CSsR

The Promise of Ecofeminist Theology in a Globalized World
Dominador R. Bombongan, Jr.

Eschatology and Science
Hans Schwarz

Volume 4, No. 1 (2000)
Base Communities in the Philippine Church (III):
Seeds of Democratization and Renewal
Emmanuel S. de Guzman

Patriarchal Relations: Reinforced or Undermined?
Globalization and the Employment of Women’s Labor
Agnes M. Brazal

The Persistent Widow and the Unjust Judge (Luke 18:1-8)
Natividad Pagadut

Strength in Weakness: Genuine Ministry according to 2 Corinthians 11-12
Jan Lambrecht, SJ


Paggunita sa Mga Dakilang Tagapatotoo at Tapat ng Kasalukuyang

Katipunang Kristiyano sa Pilipinas
Reginald D. Cruz at Dennis T. Gonzalez

Nobena de Gallo: Paghahanda sa Araw ng Pasko sa Tahanan
Jose M. de Mesa

Volume 4, No. 2 (2000)
A Hermeneutics of Appreciation:
Approach and Methodology
Jose M. de Mesa

Mission in Asia: End or New Beginning?
Georges De Schrijver, SJ

Volume 5, Nos. 1-2 (2003)
Essays in Honor of Herman Hendrickx, CICM
Jesus or Luke? The Authorship of the Parable of the Good Samaritan
Pablo S. David

Don’t Cry for Me, Jerusalem:
The “Wailing Women” of Jerusalem (Lk 23: 26-32)
Natividad B. Pagadut

Understanding the Legacy of Eve
Debra Snoddy

To Flood or Not to Flood (Gen 6:5; 8:21)
Walter Vogels, MAfr

Hand of Yahweh, Hand of a Woman: A Study of Judith’s Song of Victory (Jdt 16:1b-17)
Helen R. Graham, MM

A Biblical Meditation on Violence and Non-Violence in the Midst of a Violent World
Barbara E. Bowe, RSCJ

Toward a Scriptural Foundation for a Theology of Mary: A Lukan Perspective
Kathleen Coyle, SSC

Fusion of Horizons: Women Naming and Celebrating Their God Experience
Agnes M. Brazal and Ma. Anicia B. Co, RVM

A Tribute to Fr. Herman Hendrickx
Natividad B. Pagadut

Bibliography of the Works of Fr. Herman Hendrickx

Volume 6, No. 1 (2004)
Notes on Muslim-Christian Dialogue: A Christian Perspective
Oscar Ante, OFM

Braving Muslim-Christian Dialogue: A Muslim perspective
Jukipli Wadi

September 11th 2001 and the Future of Monotheistic Religions
Thomas Mooren, OFM Cap

Unity in Diversity: the “Prophets” Muhammad, Abraham and Jesus and the Islamo-Christian Dialogue
Thomas Mooren, OFM Cap

Muslim-Christian Relations in the Philippines: an Historical Overview
William Larousse, MM Glossary of Islamic Words and Phrases
Volume 6, No. 2 (2004)
Exploring the Terrain of Sensus Fidelium among “Root-crops” Christians
Emmanuel S de Guzman, PhD

Approaches to the Reading of the Scriptures: Author-Reader-Text
Walter Vogels, MAfr

Liturgical Inculturation in the Philippines
Anscar J. Chupungco, OSB
Volume 7, No. 1 (2005)
Interculturality in the Migrant Context:
Missiological Reflections vis-à-vis P. Bourdieu
Agnes M. Brazal

The Financial Sources of the Convento of Santo Domingo from 1896 to 1902: A Primary Source Investigation into the Economic Affairs of a Spanish Friar Community during the Philippine Revolution
Reginald D. Cruz, CFX

“Those to be Refused Communion”: Comments on CC.915 and 916 and the Authentic Interpretation Issued by the Holy See
A. N. Dacanay, S.J.

Theology and Listening: Some Phenomenological Musings
Francis Gevaert, CICM

From Blindness to Prophecy: The Prophet as Seer Who Invites People to See
Walter Vogels, MAfr
Volume 7, No. 2 (2005)
A First Reading of Deus Caritas Est: Sources, Vocabulary and Style
Fernando Guillen, Sch.P.

Purgatory under Fire
Colm McKeating, MSSC

Neudecker’s The Voice of God on Mount Sinai: Rabbinic Commentaries on Exodus 20:1 in the Light of Sufi and Zen-Buddhist Texts
Lode Wostyn, CICM

Volume 8, No. 1 (2006)

Celebrating 100 Years of the CICM Story in the Philippines
CICM Archives

CICM Stations (1707-2005)
CICM Archives

The Mayawyaw Rituals
3. Death and Death Ritual (Excerpts)
Francis Lambrecht, cicm

Missio Dei: There is Mission Because God Loves the World
Lode Wostyn, cicm

The Changing Face of Mission Ad Gentes
John P. Mallare, cicm
Volume 9, No. 1 (2007)
Paul, the Letter Writer
Gil A. Alinsangan, SSP

Abraham in the Qur'an
Walter Vogels, MAfr

Intertestamental Jewish Literature:
Echo of the Old Testament and Influence on the New Testament
Rudolf Horst, svd

Priesthood and Mission
Colm McKeating, MSSC

The Discovery of the Katipunan: Part I
Reginald D. Cruz, CFX

Book Review
Fernando P. Guillen, Sch.P.
Volume 9, No. 2 (2007)
Re-reading Gaudete in Domino in the 30th
Anniversary of the Death of Pope Paul VI
Fernando P. Guillen, SchP 

The Coming of Christ
Colm McKeating, MSSC

The Discovery of the Katipunan: Part II
Reginald Cruz, CFX

Book Review
Fernando P. Guillen, SchP

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